Michael and I build this site with love, but it does take money to run it.  Our costs include:

  • Subscriptions for all the pay-per-view video for all of our games.  We get a 50% discount with the league, but it’s still significant
  • Slack (which we find really valuable)
  • Email services (both Fastmail and MailChimp)
  • Site costs for technology (e.g., SSL certificates)

All of this runs around $1000 a year.

We really want you to support the hockey program by giving money to the University.  We would also appreciate it if you’d help us defray our costs by becoming a member of the site.  There’s no catch and no giveaway — you’re just supporting us.  We may come up with some things along the way, but we’ve seen this model work elsewhere, and we want to try it here.

Become a supporting member of today at $10/yr.

Geof Morris Publisher