Meet the Chargers, Season Ticket Selection, and Blue Line Club Signups

Dear Blue Line Club Members and Season Ticket Holders,

I hope this letter finds all of you well. You have survived another wonderful summer in Alabama. The reward for your endurance is, of course, Charger Hockey!

I am very excited about the upcoming season for so many reasons. The first, of course, is the fact that I have the privilege of being the Head Coach of your University of Alabama in Huntsville Charger Hockey team. Our new coaching staff is another reason that I am excited about the 2010-11 season. We have added some outstanding hockey minds in Mike Warde, Gavin Morgan, and Tim Flynn. We will take full advantage of their immense talents. Please feel free to stop by the Hockey Offices at Spragins Hall to say “hello” to our whole staff. We would love to see you.

The main objective of this note is to ask you to join us tonight at the “New VBC” to meet the 2010-11 Charger Hockey players and staff and pick your seat for the upcoming season and for the next 30 years of Charger Hockey. We do not get enough opportunities over the course of such a busy year to bump shoulders with our loyal fans. Please take advantage of this unique event to say “hi” and give our players a chance to introduce themselves. There are 11 players new to Huntsville this year and I am anxious for them to experience hockey and its fans “Southern Style”. There is no cost to get into the event and parking is free. Be sure to mention that you are there for the UAH Hockey event and you will park at no cost. The festivities will get started at 7 pm and will go until 9. There will be complimentary snacks and a cash bar.

We will also have the 2010-11 edition of our Blue Line Club application form on hand for you to fill out at the VBC. I would encourage all of you to join The BLC. Your support for Charger Hockey through the Blue Line Club is one of the most efficient ways for you/us to get the most “Bang for Your Buck” when you become a member. Your support allows us to provide the kind of environment necessary to compete in Division I college hockey and it provides you opportunities to get to know our players more than the average fan.

Please join us Thursday night at the VBC, meet the Charger Hockey Team, choose your own personal seat, enjoy a beverage and let’s kick the 2010-11 Charger Hockey season off in style! I look forward to seeing all of you.