Ryan Burkholder to Play in Netherlands

UAH Charger captain Ryan Burkholder (2007-11) has signed with Ruijters Eaters Geleen in the Dutch Eredivisie. Ryan will wear #29 for the Smoke Eaters. Ruijters Eaters coach Chris Eimers sounds like he has him pegged:

Ryan is a defenseman that performs his defensive duties with pride. He sees it as a challenge to keep the opponent’s top line off of the scoreboard. Ryan fits the image I have of my defense. He’s physical, skates well and has a good first pass. Apart from the fact that he has leadership qualities, a captain at UAH, Ryan is above all a good man.

[Note: The above quote is taken from the press release, run through Google Translate, and re-worded to remove the mechanistic translation. Any errors are mine. — GFM]