Aug 172011

The 2011-12 UAH Blue Line Club is open for business! We’re looking to increase membership in both number of members and amounts given. Money given to the Blue Line Club goes directly to the hockey program to defray the costs of travel, equipment, etc. Membership in the Blue Line Club has its privileges, and donations are charitable and can serve as tax deductions. The front and back of the brochure are available as very large PDF files:

2011-12 season ticket renewal forms have gone out as well. Season ticket holders have until September 15th to renew. Signups will be open to the public on September 22nd. I don’t have my form on me, but the price is ~$100 for the season.

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  1. […] Give to the 2011-12 UAH Blue Line Club, or check out the pledge sheet and send me your pledge to We’re working to find some online giving channels within the next few days, but direct giving to the BLC and/or your pledge will help right away. […]

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