Catching the Game: UAH v. Mankato—Friday, October 12th, 2012

So it’s GAMEDAY!  We’ve told you what to expect.  We’ve told you why you should be here.  We’ve told you that tickets to the game are free.  We’ve done all we can to make a case for why you should be there.

But you may not be able to be there.  You may not live in Huntsville.  You may be stuck working on console at the Huntsville Operations Support Center, telling astronauts how to run an experiment on the International Space Station.  You may be sick.  But you still want to follow the game.

Here’s how.

There’s also Twitter, where yours truly will make wiseass comments in between giving scoring updates.  Follow us @uahhockey; if you don’t do Twitter, just pull the page up and you’ll see our tweets in real-time on the Web without having to sign up for an account.  @UAHChargers will update the game as well; they’re on press row and have full access to game scoring.

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