Catching the Game: UAH v. Mankato — Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Holy moly, 5106 people at the rink last night. While I’m writing my recap, I want y’all to be ready for tonight if you’re not at the rink:

The live audio feed was wonky for Mac users, but people on Twitter found a better one. I retweeted it, but I wasn’t in a position to update last night’s CtG post while I was at the rink. Speaking of that, follow us on Twitter @uahhockey; if you don’t do Twitter, just pull the page up and you’ll see our tweets in real-time on the Web without having to sign up for an account.  @UAHChargers will update the game as well; they’re on press row and have full access to game scoring. We tweet more, though.

I made the command decision last night to try to tweet less about penalties and such because you already have live stats with you. I’m going to try to put a little meat on the bones of that. I’m aware that some of you don’t have access to live stats and are following the game solely via Twitter (most likely on your phone), but I can sometimes get backlogged trying to tweet about things that I don’t get to watch the game so I can tell you things about what’s going on.

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