Vanderbilt Ice Hockey to Play UAH? is reporting that, well, we’ll be playing Vandy’s club team this year:

The Vanderbilt men’s club ice hockey team’s strength of schedule just got a little stronger. The Commodores added the University of Alabama-Huntsville to their schedule on Jan. 5 of 2013. UAH is the only NCAA Division I ice hockey team located in the southern United States. Vanderbilt currently plays in the Southeastern Club Hockey Conference with other club teams.

“The biggest benefit from playing this game is getting an awesome experience,” Club President Kyle McCann said. “It’s a shot at ‘living the dream’ for a day, and seeing how we match up against some of the best college hockey players in the nation. We’re not expecting to win the game, but I’d like to think one of the boys will pull off a sick dangle or two and embarrass some D1 athlete.”

Right now it’s not on their schedule, and it’s not on their site, and it’s not on our schedule, and it’s not on our site, but … hey, maybe it’s happening.  Why?  Adrian, whom we’re scheduled to play January 4 & 5, will surely be better competition for the boys, but Vanderbilt is clearly a bigger name, and when you look at the fact that we get more Saturday night fans after football season is over, it may make a good bit of sense.  If you look at Vandy’s schedule and ours, this is the only time that the game could be scheduled, as the ‘Dores’ schedule gets busy, well, the same time that everyone else’s gets busy.

Update (1520 CDT, Fri 10/26): We have confirmed that UAH will indeed play Vandy, replacing the game against Adrian for that night. There was a conflict on the Bulldogs’ end that kept them from playing both games.

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