UAH 1, USNTDP U-18 1

1-1 hockey games aren’t much fun to recap: a goal a side, maybe you talk about the goalies, and hopefully there was some crazy end-to-end or something.  There’s not a lot to talk about with this one, but I do have three things for you.

  1. The pace felt slow at times, as if the teams would find their fatigue simultaneously.  The effort was there, to be sure, but it’s not as if we saw a lot of breakaways or odd-man rushes.  It was just an even-set 5×5 hockey game with just ten penalty whistles.  The U-18 goal was on the power play in a close-in scramble.  [I will note that a potential UAH goal was blown down; the light went on a half-second after the whistle came down, and it was clear that a goal would not be awarded, although not to some disappointed home fans.]
  2. Lasse Uusivirta’s goal was a rifle shot through traffic.  It was hard to tell from the other end whether it bounced off of bodies, but kudos to Lasse for letting rip and seeing what happened.  I have enjoyed watching his game mature over the last couple of years, and his pairing with Curtis deBruyn has been a fine one this season.
  3. John Griggs was very good tonight.  He flashed leather a few times, but his best moves were redirecting shots, solid pad saves denying the bottom of the net, and a couple scrambling combinations to keep the game tied.  Well done, sir.  35-of-36 (.972) garnered him a well-deserved first star, as he kept the increased pressure in the third completely choked off.

The boys face John McCabe’s Finlandia team on Friday night at 7 and Saturday afternoon at 3.


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