Adrian 4, UAH 2

What for the hell, y’all.

The Bulldogs and Chargers traded goals in the second period between 9:19 and 13:44, with each Charger marker—first Sebastian Geoffrion, then Chad Brears—unassisted.  But too many penalties made for two Bulldog power-play markers, including the one by Lukas Ciotti at 18:29 of the second that put the Bulldogs up for good.

This was a terrible night for the Chargers.  An early contact-to-the-head minor and misconduct put the visitors down a defenseman, and another one would leave in the third due to injury.  The home team that slept in their own beds the night before should have pressed through and used that fatigue to Adrian’s disadvantage.  We didn’t see that.  Instead, the visitors seemed to pick up energy as the game wore on.

The answer is simple, of course: Adrian is a D-III power looking to answer the question, “So, how far apart are Division I and Division III, anyway?”  Back when we played Finlandia in December, the answer was, “There’s definitely a gap,” but tonight, we got some of the best athletes that D-III has to offer.

They won.

See everyone at the rink tomorrow for some therapeutic baby-seal-clubbing.

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