#hateweek Dénouement

So #hateweek was fun, yeah?

I still can’t believe that the official Bemidji State University Twitter account re-tweeted the following:

You should look at the chirp-fest that ensued from there.  Our Twitter timeline has all of it on October 23rd, though you’ll have to scroll for a while.  Some choice ones:


Here’s the thing: in all the hate that I — and it should be clear that it was me alone, although I think Michael found it funny when he wasn’t cringing — let loose this week to stoke the rivalry, I never said that we were going to dominate the Beavers on the ice this weekend.  Bill Parcells is famous for saying, “You are what your record says you are.”  Anyone that’s read about the program for five minutes knows that we’ve seen some hard times.

But we’re on the way up.

Maybe we don’t beat Bemidji in either game this weekend.  That’s okay: the series would just be 19-15-3 at UAH.  But y’all, they own us in Minnesota.  It’s bad — 8-22-1 bad.  And it’s not just there, either: the Beavers have gone 23-3-3 in meetings since 2006.  Soak that one in.  As rivalries go, this has been like the hammer and the nail of late.


Michael said it best at the end of his retrospective of the rivalry:

Now it will, to the delight of both the fans in Huntsville and Bemidji. We expect great, loud crowds at Propst Arena on Friday and Saturday, letting Bemidji know that UAH hockey is indeed back, and that the Chargers intend to swing the series record back in their favor, no matter how long it takes.

And they can hate on that all they want.

It’ll take us some time.  We have to build our identity.  But the boys are going to lay that foundation this season.  You’ll see it.  It’s coming.

Right now, the best reason for #hateweek is that they have our number.  Lucky for us, it’s 867-5309

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