@uahhockey is now @weloveuahhockey

In the midst of the chirp-fest last week, I started thinking about the fact that it would make sense for us to hand the @uahhockey handle over to the program.  When we started, there wasn’t anyone doing coverage of the program on Twitter, and we were happy to fill that void.  It was coming to be that the Twitter community was acting as if we were the University, and no amount of disclaiming to the contrary was going to make that clear to people who don’t obsessively follow our Twitter feed (which we don’t recommend, FYI).  When the University kicked off an official Twitter feed under @uahhky, as we noted earlier today (before editing it to add information about the changeover), it became even clearer that it’s what should be done.  When the University reached out, we were ready to make the change.

I quickly threw ideas out in my head about what the account should be, and I quickly settled on @weloveuahhockey.  I think that’s perfectly clear.  We orchestrated the changes so that there’d be no chance that someone could swoop in and take @uahhockey out from underneath both of us.

So, go follow @uahhockey.  They’re here, they’re official, and they will represent the University well.  If you were following us at that account, you now automatically follow @weloveuahhockey, and you will need to follow @uahhockey anew.  Sorry about that, but there’s no way that we can gift your follows to them (much as we’d like to do so).

Hopefully this will reduce any confusion.