Northern Michigan 3, UAH 0

So we’re going to think of positive things here.  You have to do these things when you’re recapping the 11th loss of the season.

1.  This was a solid Friday night in our season.  9-1, 6-1, 5-0 3-1, 10-0.  This game is a good comparison to Friday night in Anchorage, minus the shorthanded goal.

2.  While the offense was a little underpowered tonight, the defense was better than it’s been on Friday nights. Yes, the team was shut out, even when Matt Larose was pulled for an extra skater in the last minute.  But the team forced shots to the outside for the most part.  The goals allowed came when the defense didn’t give Larose as much support as he perhaps needed.

3.  Larose looked very good in net.  He had some big leg and glove saves all night.  He made all the positional stops that he needed to make.  All in all, Larose stopped 38-of-41.

But two early goals made it hard for the Chargers to get back in the game.

If we’re going to take heart from tonight, it’s that the consolidated gains of Friday nights to Saturday nights.  If you think that it’s not possible, just remember: UAH had the #3 team in the country tied at 3 in the third period last Saturday night.

It’s going to happen.  Keep the faith.  We’ll link to the box score and any photo galleries that come out.  If you want to read the official Athletics story on the game, has it.

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