Replica Grey Jerseys Available!

One of the questions that we field frequently is, “Where can I buy a jersey?”  The answer is now: “The Athletics department is selling them directly!”  In fact, when you reach out to buy one, you will be contacting our AD, Dr. E. J. Brophy, directly.

Matt Larose in the 2013-14 grey jersey Stephen McKenna in the 2013-14 grey jersey.

These replica jerseys will come without numbers and nameplates, and they’re available for sizes up through adult XXL.  The price will be $79 through April 30th; the price moves to $99 starting May 1st.

If you want to buy a jersey, please call 256-UAH-PUCK (256-824-7825) or email

These jerseys are sharp.  The one detail that you can’t easily see in these shots is that there’s a blue block outline of Alabama with a white star at the location of Huntsville.  You’ve seen this mark around the program over the course of the season, and it’s great to see it in the jerseys.

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