Playoff watch: UAH still 6th heading into bye week

Josh Kestner battles with Minnesota State’s Daniel Brickley. (Photo by Todd Thompson/RiverCat Photography)

The Chargers have more work to do to get into the WCHA playoffs, but for now, all we can do is watch.

Despite being swept by Minnesota State this weekend, UAH remains in sixth place in the league standings as Alaska was also swept by Northern Michigan and Ferris State was idle.

The top eight make the conference playoffs, with the top four hosting best-of-3 quarterfinal series.p

UAH is off next weekend. The Chargers host Bowling Green on Feb. 23-24 to finish the regular season, looking to get back into the WCHA playoffs for the first time since 2015.

Here’s what we know about the WCHA playoff picture with two weeks left in the regular season:

  • Northern Michigan, Minnesota State, and Bowling Green have clinched home-ice in the first round. One of these three will hoist the MacNaughton Cup as regular season champion.
  • Bemidji State and Michigan Tech have clinched playoff berths. These two are battling to have home-ice in the first round.
  • UAH, Alaska, Ferris State, and Lake Superior State are battling for the last three playoff spots.
  • Alaska Anchorage is eliminated from playoff contention.

Our focus is on the Chargers, so let’s see what’s left for them and the three teams they are jostling with:

Pts Record 3/SO^ Next week Final week
6 UAH 30 9-15-2 1 Idle H vs BGSU
7 Alaska 29 9-14-1 1 A vs BSU H vs UAA
8 Ferris State 28 9-14-1 0 A vs MSU H vs LSSU
9 Lake Superior 27 8-15-3 0 Idle A vs FSU

^ 3-on-3/shootout points after ties.

During the Chargers’ off week, UAH fans should root for Bemidji State (I know, I know) over Alaska and Minnesota State over Ferris State. We don’t know what UAH needs to stay ahead of Alaska and Ferris State until those series are played.

However, we have more certainty with Lake Superior State also idle this week. We only need UAH to finish ahead of one of these teams, and with UAH and LSSU only having two games left, we know that UAH gets in with these scenarios:

  • UAH gets at least four points against Bowling Green.
  • Ferris State gets at least four points against Lake Superior.

There’s a chance UAH gets in with only three points against Bowling Green, but both games would have to be ties AND Lake Superior cannot sweep Ferris State.