These Alumni Love Alabama-Huntsville.

These guys are all UAH graduates, with eight degrees between the five of them (so far). From left:

  • Corey Sanders: BSE Computer Engineering
  • Jim Chaloupka: BS, MS Computer Science
  • George Olden: BSE Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering, MSE Aerospace Engineering
  • Tommy Cole: BSE Computer Engineering, MSE Software Engineering, (Ph.D. in progress)
  • Allen Pike: BSE, MSE Mechanical Engineering, (Ph.D. in progress)

All these guys started going to UAH games in college—hockey was a catalyst in them getting to know each other. They’re all members of the Blue Line Club and are strong supporters of the program and the University as a whole.  They thought that getting a dasherboard ad would be a great way to show their love for the program (and, also, shenanigans).

These Alumni Love Alabama-Huntsville.  Do you?  Give to the program!

Also, there’s at least another heuristic…